My Latest Project!

What can I say I enjoy make things….It's a God given Talent

Tile Coasters


These are a few of the Tile Coasters that I’ve made. Once my room is finished I would like to make some with photos on them as Christmas Gifts.

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Hair Bows



This I would have to say is one of the hardest projects, I have ever made…LOL…I have made a lot of things the past few years but this took a few tries before getting it right. I can make then to match just about any outfit.

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Lamp & Quilt




The lamp was purchased at Target and the shade at the Dollar store. Picked up feathers at my all time favorite store Hobby Lobby…LOL…added a little glue(Hot Glue) and there you have your fancy little lamp…LOL…The quilt I made with my Go Baby – Accuquilt. For those of you that would like to make your own quilt, and not much time to spend on it. This is the product for you…I couldn’t find the right bedding with the colors I wanted so, I made my own…..also the Princess was purchased on, one of our trips to the Smoky. It was hot pink, and I painted it black.

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Last Day of School

Well it’s the last day of school. They’ve worked hard all year. No more homework, ringing bells, or bathroom passes…LOL..time to sleep in and catch-up on free time and spent lots of time with friends…Pray and hope everyone has a safe and blessed summer!!!!!

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Thank you

This is going a little way back…LOL..My little boy is now 5 years old. I wanted something different for thank you cards, so I asked my brother-in-law for a saw table and did this myself…..for the invitations I took pics of him with the tonka truck and the number 1. also at the party we served Oreo Dirt Cake,(lined truck with Glad press’n seal, and served the cake from it) it’s mainly pudding, cool whip with oreo cookies crushed on top…yuuumm

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Vinyl Sign

This is a gift I made for my mother-in-law this past Christmas. Yes, thought I would take an outside pic since it was so nice this afternoon. I have also made them to hang with black stain ribbon, that looks really, great and gives it a more elegant look. Sign can also be made with last name and no date, your choise.

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Spring Outfit

Made this oufit a few years back for my daughter.

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Hair Bow Holder

This is one of my favorite Hair Bow Holders. I love the style and it holds tons of hair bows for that special little girl in your life. Can be made in any color to match a room or personality…LOL…Also name/initials can be left off and it can be used as a deco.  

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My daughter asked me a few days ago, what kind of end of school year gift are we going to do this year. The bubbles in the pic are what we done last year. Not sure if we are going to do the same this year or do something new…(at the top it says “Have A Great Summer” and “From Your Friend your name” on the bottom)

(For a class of 20 this project can be done for about 10.00)

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This was a broken mirror that was headed to the TRASH, so I recycled it into a cute chalkboard for my daughter’s room. At the bottom of the frame you will see a draw knob turned upside down to hold the chalk for her. Hope you like…

(Not sure what’s up with this pic..but it makes it look wet, sorry)

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