My Latest Project!

What can I say I enjoy make things….It's a God given Talent

Burlap Heart Wreath for Valentine’s

on January 17, 2013

















A lovely young lady from church asked me to make this burlap wreath. Think I need to add a red bow to it.


4 responses to “Burlap Heart Wreath for Valentine’s

  1. Dorothy says:

    its great the way it is,you might try to add cupids arrow,but I love it

  2. Liz Crouch says:

    Thanks, Dorothy….the arrow would be cute, but I wonder what I could use to make it with…

  3. Tanya Pennington says:

    Hey, Liz you should put a pic of those beautiful flowers you made for the Nursing Home for Valentine’s Day. You are such a blessing to us. We love you so much.

    • Liz Crouch says:

      Thanks so and Bobby are truly the Blessing…and as soon as I get well, I’ll post the pic.Thanks for taking one for me….I make tons of things but dont take the time to take pics of them…thanks again sweetie. We love you to.

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